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Extra Large Safe Deposit Box

Extra Large Safe Deposit Box

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Looking for a versatile safe deposit box that can store your valuable items securely in Cardiff? Look no further than our 5x10x18 inch safe deposit box - it's our most popular size for good reason!

With ample space for storing A4 folders, this box is perfect for businesses and individuals alike. It's also great for storing valuable watches in protective cases, ensuring they stay safe and secure at all times.

Our safe deposit boxes provide the ultimate protection against theft, fire, and other potential risks, making them a smart choice for anyone looking to store important documents, valuable items, and sentimental treasures. Whether you need to store contracts, deeds, or financial statements, or you want to keep your jewelry, coins, and other collectibles safe and secure, our safe deposit boxes have got you covered.

Renting a safe deposit box gives you peace of mind knowing that your items are protected 24/7, and with our flexible rental terms, you can choose the duration that best suits your needs. So why take chances with your valuable possessions? Rent a safe deposit box today and enjoy the ultimate protection and security for your important items. Contact us now to learn more!


  • Capacity (L) 14.7
  • Dimensions (mm) 125x254x457
  • Dimensions (in) 5x10x18
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