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At Swansea Safe Deposit, we can assist our clients with obtaining comprehensive insurance to cover their valuables. Customers can receive immediate insurance cover for the contents of their safe deposit box. Clients can access of much lower home insurance premiums by storing their valuables with us.

In addition we also provide complimentary insurance upto £10000 to all first time box holders (year one only). Each box can be insured up to £500,000. Higher insurance amounts can be provided by request. Please contact us to find out more.

Please note that a client does not have to disclose the nature of the items stored in their box at the time of rental. However in the unlikely event of a claim, a client would be required to disclose the nature of the items to which the claim relates. We would recommend that you keep valuation certificates, invoices and/or photographs of the items stored in your box.

All insurance policies are issued by our partner Ellerton Knight, who are the leading safe deposit box insurance brokers in the country

The Benefits For You Are

  • Obtain immediate cover for the contents of your safe deposit box
  • Up to £500,000 per box for all valuables and cash
  • Insurance cover in respect of the following

Additional Premium And Cover

  • Cover up to £100,000 outside the security box.
  • Your items will be insured when you are carrying them, wearing them, or in a locked safe.
  • Cover up to 20 days per year (this cover includes travel to and from security box centre)
  • Ideal for Special occasions, Weddings and Social events.
  • Low Excess Fee of Only £250

Major Banks Don't Offer Insurance But We Do

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